8 Ways to Turn Your Closet into an Office

A dedicated home office, even if it’s just a tiny nook, has been directly linked to productivity in several studies. A closet with curtains can be a great space for a small home office. Use cabinet doors as towel hanger in bathroom instead of a towel bar. There’s a reason why monsters are closets’ number one resident.

  • It reflects light better, adding to the brightness of the room, and makes the space look bigger.
  • It’s simple to say X, Y, and Z will fit when it is not in use.
  • There are many options and you can get some ideas in the more than 100 closet home office ideas you can see below.
  • Take your binders, printer and scanner and place them on the closet floor and shut the door to make sure the shelves you install will accommodate them.
  • Lots of closets are only slightly deeper than the width of a hanger.

The Sleek Socket was the PERFECT solution for a neat and clean way to run an extension cord into the closet. It comes with everything you need to neatly secure the cord to the wall, and it blends in with the crown moulding instead of being an eye sore. We connected all of of the monitors and computer tower to the sleek socket, and hid the outlet away behind a basket.

How can I have proper lights in my home office closet?

Best of all, more surfaces equal more styling possibilities. Painting everything the same shade keeps the setup looking neat and cohesive rather than too overwhelming. If bright colors aren’t your thing, have no fear—a cloffice doesn’t have to be filled with vibrant prints and patterns in order to shine. Identité Collective founder Anastasia Casey designed a workspace rooted in neutrals but warmed up the room with accent pieces like a Turkish rug and an artful chair. Her clothes and accessories are neatly tucked away off to the side of the desk.

“I would have to say that it’s much easier to do than it looks,” she says. The key is to build the frame and mount the drawer slides before you build the drawers. Then convert closet to office you can measure between the slides and build the drawers to fit. Weinstein says, “Purchase a bulletin board, dry erase board, or cork board to hang on the door.

Leave Space to Push In Your Chair

If you’re wondering what a cloffice means for the rows of clothes you currently have hanging in your bedroom closet, don’t get too hung up on nixing your entire wardrobe. Instead, split the space in half and designate zones for both work and play. One half can be your office space, and the other can go to your favorite clothing staples. The thought of working from the inside of a closet can feel claustrophobic, uninviting, and honestly, a little unrealistic. But the truth is, an productive workspace really comes down to the aesthetics.

transform closet into office

This is a simple way to keep your office space tidy and organized.” Also consider peppering the walls with pegboard or wire baskets. Once all paint has dried and all moulding and shelves have been installed, carefully move the desk into the closet and onto the supports. Our desk is so heavy and is such a tight fit into the space that we didn’t feel the need to secure the desk to the supports. If you wanted to secure it to the supports, you could use an angle bracket to do so. Once you have all of your measurements, cut your lattice moulding down to size and hang them according to the spacing plan that you determined in step one.

Door or No Door

Closets situated in living areas also change easily into trendy office nooks. Even if you currently use these spaces for storage, then it’s not too difficult to find another location for your stuff. By taking the doors off of a shallow closet in the home, we were able to create the perfect nook for her next great idea. I used a kitchen cabinet company for my closet office cabinets, drawers and desk. If you have room, push a desk into the closet against the back wall. In a walk-in closet, you can position the desk along a wall or in the center of the room.

transform closet into office

“You can never have too much storage space in your home,” says Kimberly Jay, a broker at Compass. She explains that buyers are always checking for closet space — and the more, the better. But if you do have both walk-in closets and additional closets (the dream, right?), and you don’t have an office, it could be a value-add to convert your space.

Let’s take a look at how Houzz users are making do with closet-like home office spaces. Lucas Mire has a tiny closet-like space at the end of his kitchen. Learn how to turn a spare closet into a super-organized home office.

What is a closet that doubles as an office?

What is a Cloffice? A cloffice is a closet that doubles as an office, making it the ultimate work from home setup when space is tight.

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